Dr. Melissa Jowett


Dr. Melissa Jowett
Dr. Melissa Jowett Veterinarian

Dr Mel Jowett was born in the south of England and wanted to be a veterinarian from a very young age, and so, with much determination she ended up going to Nottingham Veterinary School.

After graduating at the age of 22 she decided to take a year off to travel around Canada before starting work. Mel started this trip with friends in Wakefield and never ended up leaving. Mel and her wife moved to a beautiful farm in Quyon and is now severely outnumbered by animals of all kinds.

She is striving towards a life of self sufficiency; enjoying the process of learning all the ins and outs of gardening, preserving and bottling, milking, cheese making, making maple syrup, and so much more Mel is looking forward to joining the community of Arnprior and the team of Gillies Grove. It is a truly exciting opportunity that she is excited to explore, including meeting all of you.