Nutrition Counselling

Using a balanced diet and healthy eating habits to ensure the well-being of your cat or dog.

When it comes to food and nutrition, our furry family members are not much different from us. The food they eat plays a vital role in their overall health. These days, the options seem endless and misinformation is rampant. We understand how confusing it can be to determine which diet is best for your pet. During a consultation at our animal hospital, we can recommend the diet that is best suited to your pet’s unique needs. Please call us today to schedule your next appointment.

What’s the difference between the foods we offer and the pet or grocery store?

The diets we are prescribing and recommending are specific for every pet. Some are therapeutic and some are preventive. They range widely from pediatric to ageing, from joint health and urinary disease to dental care.

Do I have to come to your clinic to buy the prescription diet my veterinary team recommended?

Not anymore! By visiting our Online Store, you can select from hundreds of options and have them delivered right to your door.

What is offered during a nutritional consultation?

During a nutritional consultation, members of our team will ask you about your pet’s current food and diet routine. Then, based on your pet’s age, size, breed and specific health condition, we will recommend an ideal diet for them. Aside from recommending which specific formulations to get, we will also counsel you on the right serving sizes, how to decode food labels and even tips on how to help your pet lose or gain weight if needed.

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