Orthopedic Services

Improve your pet’s quality of life by diagnosing and treating musculoskeletal injuries or diseases.

Over the span of their life, pets can develop conditions or sustain injuries to their joints, muscles, bones and ligaments that can significantly affect their comfort and mobility. At Gillies Grove Animal Hospital, our team of experts is here to make sure that we can prevent, get ahead of, and properly treat orthopedic problems in your furry family members. This all begins with regular checkups at the hospital. Please call us today to schedule your next appointment, or to ask any questions about your pet’s well-being.

What are some common orthopedic issues in pets?

The types of orthopedic problems that pets can suffer from depends on their age, size and breed. For example, older dogs are more likely to develop osteoarthritis as a result of years of wear and tear. In smaller dog breeds, patellar luxation is a common condition that causes their kneecaps to slip out of alignment. Cats are also susceptible to similar types of conditions.

How are orthopedic problems in pets treated?

Treatment depends on your pet’s specific problem. They can range from non-invasive medications to complex surgical procedures. For instance, supplements such as glucosamine are often given to alleviate osteoarthritis symptoms, physical therapy may be recommended for certain issues, and on the other end of the spectrum, joint replacement surgery may be required.

How much does orthopedic surgery cost?

The price of your pet’s procedure will depend on their specific diagnosis and a number of other factors such as their size. During a preoperative consultation, your veterinarian will disclose fully all of the costs that you can expect for your pet’s surgery.

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