Veterinary Exam

Regular examinations performed by a veterinarian to identify unknown health risks in pets.

At Gillies Grove Animal Hospital, we strive to drive home the importance of regular veterinary exams. Routine full-body exams and diagnostics allow us to keep a close eye on your pet’s health so that we can prevent any issues, diagnose problems early on, and prescribe the most effective plans for treating disease and injury. All aspects of your pet’s health will be addressed during a veterinary exam (e.g. nutrition, dermatology, lifestyle, vaccines). Your pet’s veterinarian will look for abnormalities by carefully examining them from head to toe. Contact us today to schedule your pet’s next consultation.

Why is an examination so important?

Unfortunately, our furry family members cannot verbally tell us if they are in pain or if they are feeling sick. Many conditions do not present with any noticeable symptoms and there are pets who instinctively try to hide their discomfort. Only through full-body exams and tests can your pet’s health be properly assessed.

What happens during a routine exam?

You can expect your pet to be weighed and have their temperature taken. Then, you will be asked basic questions about their health such as activity level and diet. The veterinarian will also conduct a full visual examination of your pet – from head to toe. Additional blood tests or scans may be done at the discretion of your veterinarian. We may also discuss further recommendations on your pet’s vaccines and parasite prevention.

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